Friday, November 17, 2006

The Real Funny Friday 2.0 + Music in the Morning

Since I blew my load with the last post I had to come up with something else.  For my funny entry I give you Gary the No Trash Cougar. The pretty clip much speaks for itself. 

Okay this next video...  Bear with me.  That's all I ask.  My music taste is very very broad.  One of my favorite musicians is John Mayer.  STOP - I know what you are thinking.  "Pop crap."  But if you really knew him you would understand he is much more than that.  Yes, his first couple albums were crap.  Then he came out with "Heavier Things" and explored the world of Blues with The John Mayer Trio.  He is an amazing guitar player.  An ex boyfriend of mine was dragged to his concert and pretty much pouted the entire time he was there.  But then he started to play the lesser known songs that I knew every word to.  Most of the crowd sat down or lost interest.  But it showed just how well he can play a guitar.  Acoustic and Electric.  My ex became an instant fan and this is saying a lot of guy who only listens to Led Zepplin and The Doors. 

I don't like John Mayer for his popular songs like "Your Body is a Wonderland" *vomit* and "No Such Thing".  I like him for "Split Screen Sadness" and "Wheel".  When you watch this video try not to feed into so much the words (some lines are good..) but listen to the acoustic guitar.  That's all him.  This is probably not his best song/video that I love the most.  But it is shot on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) which is about 5 minutes from where I live now through the mountains.  It gives you a glimpse of California... Give it a chance at least. 

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