Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Bright and Sunny Tuesday Morning

First real post of the new year.  I could say the typical "Wow can't believe it's the new year" but really.. I can believe it.  2006 had to end.  I rang it in quietly.  While all the bad memories are still carried with me.. they are not in the forefront of my mind.  This year holds endless amounts of happiness and opportunities to make better memories.  I return to school to finish my degree next week.  I am still waiting to hear about that job I interviewed for.  I don't have my hopes too high... if I get, I get it.  It would just be nice to hear either way. 

I have a bunch of goals to accomplish this year but one of them is purely pleasure.  I want to visit the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle, Washington.  It is located on Pier 67 and is within walking distance of multiple Seattle attractions.  I am definitely going to visit this year. 

Front of the Edgewater
Plus, every room comes with a bear footstool.  How cute is that?

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