Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Alpha Dog

I love true crime and biographies.   I read the news and watch documentaries.  I like Court TV and I read a ton of books on famous cases.  I am not sure what it is... maybe it's the mystery factor... Anyway, there are cases I just find too disturbing to look into.  The case of Jesse James Hollywood and the slaying of Nicholas Markowitz is one of them.  Why this case is more disturbing than other things I have read... I am not sure.  I know a few people who were friends with some of the people involved.  The events mostly played out in West Hills, CA, where two of ex boyfriends are from (about 20 minutes away from where I currently live)... the actually killing happened in Santa Barbara at a familiar camping area... I'll give you the basics. 

In August of 2000, Nicholas Markowitz's older half-brother owed a drug debt for weed he bought from Jesse James Hollywood, a 20 year old waste of human life.  Jesse decides to kidnap 15 year old Nicholas and hold him hostage for the money.  Ben Markowitz, the older brother, doesn't come up with the money.  Hollywood, being the real man that he is (please feel my sarcasm), decides to have Nicholas killed.  He sends some underlings, if 20 year old drug dealing nobodies can have underlings... north to Santa Barbara.  They make Nicholas march in front of them and then stop to dig a hole for himself (I'm not sure if this was shown in the movie).  One of the guys with him then shoots Nicholas nine times and buries his body.  All of the people involved were captured quickly after the murder, except Jesse James Hollywood.  He ran to Brazil and was finally caught in 2005.  You can read about the story here.  There has been a movie made since before Hollywood was captured.  It stars Justin Timberlake which I find to be... I am not sure... different.  Clips I have seen are so disturbing I can't judge his acting.  Defense lawyers are trying to get the film blocked but most likely it will end of being released. 

Anyway, here is the trailer for the movie.  I don't believe it's been officially released as the trailer yet.  Either way, I don't think I will be going to see it.  The story is too sad and it was filmed mostly in West Hills and Santa Barbara along with scenes in the surrounding cities.  Oh, and one more thing I should add... Ben owed Jesse $1200.  A 15 year old kid's life ended over $1200. 

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