Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pretty Little Things

So much to do!  Have to get ready for the new temp... have to take my drug test........  have to complete all my paperwork.  I signed my offer letter yesterday.  I almost wanted to frame my copy... =) It was just so... to come from the background I have to this... is just.. crazy.  But anyway, I am still not sleeping.  I walk around in a haze and just hope I get from place to place. 

Just a little tip... Don't put on lotion and attempt to type right away.  *sigh*

The 2007 Runway Shows are coming out... Here is a glimpse of the collections... (skip over this part if you are male).

Chanel - Not much of a fan for the whole black tights and pointy shoe look but the top half looks good.


Elie Saab - My favorite collection so far...


Christian Dior - It wouldn't be runway season without a little extreme couture.  Can you say "Japanese Inspired"?


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