Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Professional Land Pirate

You walk through life with hopes and dreams.  You hold on to a hope and when that hope fades, you just let go.  I stopped holding out hope to get a position at my current company after the last round of interviews.  I went through a full day of interviews and the position just kind of fell into my lap.  I am nervous and scared I won't be able to hack it but I can always try... Few Details:  I will be in the same-ish position for an Executive Director, main MAIN building of the campus, working in Global Safety.  I start February 5th and in the meantime I am going to start training a new temporary for my current position.  I cried when I first heard (yes, I am a girl) and on the way home (yes, I am an emotional girl).  I have lots of stuff to do today so I am going to quit jumping up and down and actually work. 

I decided my site didn't have enough videos.  HA.  Here are some more...

This is me... How I feel right now.. especially that stretchy part when he walks off camera.  I have a Scottish Fold named Scottie (original I know). 

Guys are stupid.  But I love them.

Still floating... Good, happy song.  I know everyone hates him.  Especially since he is a man whore but I still like his music.

I love this song.  Nightswimming is just.. a beautiful song.. calming.. awesome piano.. relaxing..

Okay... this last video. >< Please excuse the anime.  I am not a huge anime fan.  NO Chris I am not really asian.  I just love this song so much.  I could not find a regular video of it.. my choices were this or Lost.  The Lost video was horribly made and didn't even do justice to the song.  (read.. JUSTICE.. not JUSTICAR).  Not many people like this music... but I do.  Enjoy... I'll be back tomorrow with more normal stuff. 

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