Friday, April 27, 2007

WTB Dry Ice

What a day...

I am just spent.  My brain is fried (see previous post).  So many things going on at work.  Thank god it's the weekend and I can attempt to relax.  I couldn't fall asleep last night because everytime I laid down all I could think about was work.  Its just been kicking my butt this week.  My boss looked like he was ready to cry in our meeting yesterday.  George is this really really sweet guy from Bulgaria.  He is just so awesome to work for but I wish I could make things easier on him.  We have so many deadlines coming up.  We get these requests in from agencies around the world wanting research and statements from the company on our drugs.  George heads 5 drugs and it seems like each of them has an issue.  Next week he goes to the EMEA in London, which is the equivalent of the FDA for the US.  Two others on my team are traveling as well.  It gets really hectic and I am here to "hold down the fort". 

Yesterday I uploaded some pictures from my trip to the zoo last month.  One of my favorites is also the most creepy...

Yeah.. what the hell. 

Anyway, it's the weekend.  I only have a few hours left of work.  Yay me.  Back on Monday.

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