Monday, April 30, 2007

All At Sea

I am in one of the moods where I am just calm.  Which is coincidentally what I was called at work this week... They recognized me for something I had done and one of the words they used to describe me was calm... I am sailing across a placid sea... occasionally spinning in a circle and continuing on. 

I think I am just preparing myself mentally for the next couple hectic weeks.  My group at work has just been overloaded the past couple weeks... and it got a whole lot worse last Thursday.  In addition to work being busy... I am down to the last three weeks in school with 4 chapters to read and only two lectures between now and the exam.  Unfortunately it feels like a crash course in human genetics and will take a lot of studying. 

A few years ago Kelly and I went to Maui for a week.  We went snorkeling near this reef that had a bunch of sea turtles swimming around it... As we were leaving the boat was slowly going back to the dock and I was standing near the back.  I looked down into the water and it was a million colors of blue.  It looked like silk... smooth... fluid... undisturbed even as the boat cut across it... I took a picture not expecting it to come out and to my wonderful surprise... it looks exactly how it was that day.  I will have to scan it to share on here.  Anyway... when I think of the word calm... I picture myself gliding across water like that... floating... skimming the surface.  I feel patient... and I NEVER feel patient.  I can just... be.  It's a good feeling.  Hopefully the next two weeks won't take too much out of me. 

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