Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cult Of The Child

At my work I have monthly meetings with women that are in my same position.  These women are typically, older with children.  Before I came on board, they met and picked a book to read together (insert my rolling eyes here).  This initiative was directed by one particular woman.  This woman is older than the rest I believe but she is going to college to get her masters in Psychology.  To me... it's situation where pieces of education have mushed together and formed this person into something that treats her professor's word as the gospel. The book they picked was "The Purpose of Your Life"  by some woman.  Basically in a nutshell... the woman in the book is a mother of 3(?) that is "searching for herself".  In her search she feels the need to move her kids 3 times in 8 months.  In my opinion.. if you choose to have kids then there is your purpose.  I think the problem with the woman who is driving the book reading issue at my work is... she is from a different generation than me.  I am currently living my life... and finding out what I want and don't want... She came from a generation where they had kids young and now feel the need to live their life.  Anyway, I disagree with the whole soul searching... needing a purpose... middle life crisis bullshit.  If you choose to have kids they are your purpose.  Your life should be your husband and your kids.  Maybe I am just strange but this is how I feel. 

Then I read this article - The Joy of Motherhood: Reality or Myth? 

It talks about "The Unwritten Rule Against Saying Anything Negative About Parenting".  Now... I will start by saying... I don't have kids.  Everyone who reads this knows I don't have kids.  So really... my opinion is probably skewed... BUT... the author of an article entitled "Sorry, But My Children Bore Me to Death" says that she is completely bored with raising her two sons.  Honestly, how can raising children be boring?  You have two little creatures that are completely dependant on you.  Maybe it can be monotonous at times... but you would think that going into a marriage and preparing to have kids... you would know ahead of time the good and bad.  My personal view is that *if* you choose to have kids (which nowadays girls have more choices than just marriage and babies...) but if you choose... you sign away your rights to complain that your children bore you.  It is this narcissistic, selfish attitude that disgusts me about some mothers.  And again... maybe it all goes back to the fact that I am of a different generation.  I am busy figuring myself out now... so that in a few years (well.. maybe before I'm 30....?) I will be prepared enough to give up the freedom and care for my little creatures. 

An example of why kids are awesome - The Landlord: The Outtakes

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