Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 2 - Williams, AZ To Santa Rosa, NM

After making it out of the high elevation city alive, Ian and I headed across Arizona to New Mexico. The car was covered in ice when we left the hotel in Williams. That was a new thing to have to deal with... warming up the car and the wipers sliding across the ice and not through it. We passed through Flagstaff and went slowly down in elevation which was nice. We're both feeling better after being so dizzy the night before.

We made it into New Mexico and even crossed the state line as Ian was driving the highway for the first time. He got a taste of road construction and detours. I got him to stop in Gallup, NM but he was done after that. This is probably a good thing as it got very windy after that. It's pretty cold and it's a little odd to see snow amongst the desert brush. Tumbleweeds flew across the road ahead of the car as we drove through Albuquerque. Other than that... it was uneventful. I did as my mom asked and put myself in a couple of the pictures. Ian was forced into them as well... (see the picture in the Shell gas station parking lot =D).

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Amanda said...

I'm starting to think that driving cross country is something that I don't need to do. Ever.