Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 3 - Santa Rosa, NM To Oklahoma City, OK

I have survived my first experience driving in "snow"! After leaving Santa Rosa, NM we hit a mix of rain and snow that was absolutely terrifying. I'm not hopeful for when I have to drive during snow and ice in Canada. We headed out of New Mexico into Texas and hit up the Cadillac Ranch. Erik recommended it and it was pretty cool... but see the pictures below... IT WAS FREEZING. We were able to write Ian and Brittany 08 <3 on a car but then fight the wind out of the field. Ian scared the bejesus out of me by screaming out when we got back to my car. Apparently sitting in front of us was a Xterra with a Hawaii license plate. He was extremely excited. Bordering on a little too excited. =)

In the pictures below you will see the giant cross...... It's supposed to be the biggest in the Western Hemisphere but it was just creepy... anyway... moving on. We stopped at a very nice rest stop just before Texola, TX. It had a bunch of old style signs as well as a tornado shelter. Fun stuff. After that we entered Oklahoma.... Let's just say I'm pretty sick of this state. It has been nothing but non-stop freezing wind since we crossed into it. Tomorrow we travel to Arkansas.

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Amanda said...

Um you bet get used to snow, dear. Oh and the cold!