Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 7 - Cooper Day!

Lazy day for us... we spent it with the Coopster. He just a yummy ball of gooey goodness. He has so much personality for only being 3 months old. He smiles and laughs constantly (ok... most of the time... today he was a little fussy but give him a break... he's just a big baby). He seems so advanced for his age. Coop loves to stand up on your legs... Click on the pictures below to open up the Picasa site. At the end there is a short video of Cooper being the Coopster. So awesome. Tomorrow will be a little more eventful. We have a 382 mile trip ahead of us that has a million steps in the directions. Should be fun but it gets us to Buffalo, NY an we will cross the border on Saturday. Enjoy the drool.

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