Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 8 - Sterling, VA To Buffalo, NY

We have settled into our room in Buffalo, NY. It's been a fairly interesting day... let's see... we've survived: a near collision with a goose in Virginia, deer "snipers" in Pennsylvania and lake effect snow in New York. I had a crash course in a horrible storm next to Lake Erie. It just dumped snow over and over on top of the car. A small Jeep spun out in front of me going around a corner. It was certainly scary and I hope to not run into a snow storm like that again. Ian says it's the worst he has ever been in... I really hope he is right.

We left Casa De Petty this morning and headed through Virginia (left the Mini Coop - can't wait to come back to see him). It was pretty clear most of the way into Pennsylvania and we only hit the heavy stuff in New York. We even considered driving straight to Niagara Falls to cross the border and then head to Ian's home. The GPS said it would only take a couple more hours. But after the storm and the possibility of a big delay at the border... I was done for the day. Tomorrow we head across the border and finish our trip by noon (hopefully). Below our the pictures for the day... Not all that exciting because we're not in them. It was way too cold to stand outside and take pictures. We both were not prepared clothing wise to stand outside for very long. I've pulled out some warmer clothes though so I should be okay for tomorrow. Be sure to click on the pictures to open up the Picasa site. There are a couple videos of the snow... First is in Pennsylvania and the second is from New York... Just crazy for a girl from California.

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