Monday, April 27, 2009

From The "Did That Just Happen?" File

Ellsbury steals home as Red Sox sweep Yankees

Last night Ian and I were watching the Red Sox game before bed. I should start by saying that I am pretty much a Red Sox fan now. I used to be a Dodgers fan but that was back in the Nomo/Piazza era. Now it's all about Joe Torre and Manny. I liked Manny when he was happy and on the Red Sox. But then he let his manager control his mood and ended up with the Dodgers hoping for a ticket to the Yankees. And Joe Torre just doesn't fit for me... give me Lasorda again. I also miss Vin Scully calling the baseball game... I don't care much for the announcers of the Sox games.

Back to the topic... We were watching the Red Sox game against the Yankees and I think J.D. Drew was up to bat. The pitcher starts to throw and we hear the crowd start gasping or something... Next thing you know from the right side of the screen comes my favorite player Jacoby Ellsbury barreling into home plate. He pretty much BEAT the pitch to home. He even stumbled at the very end (speed wobble in my opinion...) and still was safe. I've never seen anyone steal home... but it was awesome. Sox won 4-1. Here's an interesting article on how the Yankees might have let it happen.

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