Monday, April 27, 2009

Ian Is Feeling Better!

He is still swollen and looks a bit chipmunk-like... but he is feeling much better. I think he is downright tired of soft foods. He tried some Texas Toast last night with the chili we made and liked that but it was still pretty difficult to chew. Tonight is spaghetti with sauteed garlic shrimp. Hopefully he'll be able to chew that.. or at least cut it up into smaller pieces.

This weekend we had some pretty crazy weather on Saturday. While Ian was not impressed, I certainly was. Around 3:30pm it started to get really dark and cloudy. There was lots of thunder and lightening followed by a pretty good rainstorm. *Love* it! The lightening and stuff is still kind of scary for me. I'm not used to seeing lightening from as high up as we are. Ian thinks it's funny. =P

Anyway, it's Monday and I'm tired. Listening to old BNL though. REMINDER - Only 3 days left to vote for the best character in the Excel commercial <-- Important Stuff! Donut is leading.......... =D

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