Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cooper and Ian - Who's Babysitting Whom?

We discovered a few things about Cooper... one of which is... he likes to jump... a lot. Ian was only happy to oblige him. Of course, any time I stood him up and held his hands he bent his knees to start jumping. He was the cutest little monkey. (I didn't want to say anything... but there was an incident of jumping on the bed... bad Ian!)

He's SO close to walking on his own. Sometimes he stands up by himself without holding onto something but then falls over when he realizes he is.

Kamber wanted me to take a video of Cooper walking and only holding one of her hands. It was following a nap and a diaper change. This was the result.

But then he got a binky and all he wanted to do was run.

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Amanda Rae said...

He's pretty good at walking!! I remember before Dathan could walk he would do that jumping thing sooo much. It was like a workout just trying to hold the little jumping bean!