Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Trip - In Numbers

Miles driven: 960

In Kilometers: 1546

Times I almost fell asleep while driving: 3

Hours Spent Driving: 19.5

Taxidermy Billboard Ads: 5

"Menopause the Musical" Billboard Ads: 5

Times Ian and I said or thought "Wow, I hope no one lives there": Too many to count

Alpaca Farms: 2

"Travel at your own risk" Road Signs: 1

Cinnamon Dolce Lattes drank by Ian: 4

Turtles on side of road: 2

People on riding lawnmowers: Too many to count

Times Cooper bit me on the toe: 1

Diapers changed by Brittany: 4

Diapers changed by Ian: 0.5 (only because he couldn't redress him)

Cheerios stuck at times to Cooper's face: Too many to count

Number of Star Snacks spilled in what is now known as "The Star Incident": You don't want to know. (possibly 17,542)

Episodes of Deadliest Catch watched: 15-20+

Naps taken by Cooper: 3

Naps taken by Ian: 3 (see the correlation?)

Trips to the pond: 2

Turtles seen at pond: 0 (boo)

Pair of sneakers left at Kamber's house: 1

Number of times Ian and I said we miss Cooper since leaving: Too many to count

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Shannon said...

I think I missed where you guys went!!! I'll have to backtrack a little!

I havent figured out how to get your blog to show on my Dashboard feed of blogs I watch!