Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Mind Is Going...

So, I think I'm really tired. Or something. I'm just not all there. Little things... I saved an email before sending so I could re-read it. I opened it, read it, thought I should wait to send it, and ending up hitting send anyway. Then when I re-read what I said... I noticed I had left out words like I, the and a. Ian and I went to the grocery store... I asked for 200 grams of smoked turkey from the deli person. She starts putting it on the scale and says "How much did you want again?" and I say "100 grams". Yet 3 seconds before I said 200. I don't know if it's because I'm exhausted all the time... or I'm just going crazy. Maybe both. I'm doing things without actively thinking. Ian just kind of smiles and gives me a hug. I'm REALLY busy at work. I've never been this busy. I'm launching a new system for multiple departments to use. I've trained about 40+ people so far and I'm going to train another 30-40. The system goes live next Monday... and it should be extremely busy the following 2-4 weeks... but I'm sure it will slow down again. My brain just seems to be in a million different places. Between general work, the new system, logistics, planning for issues, developing the system, creating training materials, answering a million questions... I just have a jumble of stuff going on... work, wedding, home stuff, trips, planning, work, errands, work, wedding, future, work... I need a vacation.

I'm over being this tired. I wake up exhausted... like muscle fatigue type exhausted. It could be that I'm not taking in enough oxygen and I need the steroids to kick in to open up my lungs... but this is getting really old, really fast. I'm dying to play We Cheer. Can't wait until We Cheer 2 comes out.

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