Monday, July 13, 2009

Stuff I Miss About California

1. My mom, of course.

2. Murphy, Scottie and Erik - in that order =P

3. Target - I would give anything to have a Target in Canada. Their "version" of Target is called Zellers. It has the same layout... but it's not even close. I would love to just to wander the aisles of Target... /sigh

4. Sushi - To be honest I haven't tried Canadian Sushi... I heard it's not the best. I've been craving Cho Cho San. Plus... I would think that California would be able to get fresh fish easier than Ontario, Canada.

5. Joann's - I'm not sure if there is a Joann's in Canada but all I have seemed to find is Michael's and a very odd place called Len's Mills. Michael's never has what I'm looking for and Len's Mills is... just odd. A giant basement full of fabric and a top floor filled with Dollar Store-like items. Joann's always had a good mix of items.

6. Regular Discovery Channel - We get the Canadian version and it's not the same. For one... we are about 2 weeks behind in Deadliest Catch episodes. They don't run marathons either. Also, we didn't get the Billy Mays show called Pitchmen. Thankfully I got to watch it in Virginia.

7. Italian Delis - I have not found a true Italian deli where we live and I miss a good turkey sandwich. There is a polish bakery close to us that sells sandwiches but they just started selling them and they don't have specific sandwiches you can pick from. When you ask for a sandwich they first offer you a hot beef sandwich called a Portuguese Bifana. Uhm, no.

8. Disneyland - There is nothing like Disneyland near us and I miss it so much. The closest theme park is called Canada's Wonderland... but it's more like a Six Flags Theme Park and Ian and I don't really do rollercoasters.

9. KTLA or KABC News - I miss the standard 2 anchor nightly television news. I'm sure there is a channel with this format but I haven't been able to find it.

10. Gas pump nozzles that have a stay-on lever - I didn't know what to call it but the thing that allows you to pump gas but walk away and clean the windshield or something. Every station I go to here does not have them. Some have the lever but not the notch that allows you to keep it on. Sometimes I just want to walk away and wipe off my windshield or get back in the car when it's freezing out. It's a little thing but I do miss it.

Anyway, this is a short list and I have a lot more that I miss but I like it here. I'll probably do an updated "Weird Stuff about Canada" post. There's a lot of weird stuff going on!

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