Monday, July 13, 2009

Stuff I Miss About California

1. My mom, of course.

2. Murphy, Scottie and Erik - in that order =P

3. Target - I would give anything to have a Target in Canada. Their "version" of Target is called Zellers. It has the same layout... but it's not even close. I would love to just to wander the aisles of Target... /sigh

4. Sushi - To be honest I haven't tried Canadian Sushi... I heard it's not the best. I've been craving Cho Cho San. Plus... I would think that California would be able to get fresh fish easier than Ontario, Canada.

5. Joann's - I'm not sure if there is a Joann's in Canada but all I have seemed to find is Michael's and a very odd place called Len's Mills. Michael's never has what I'm looking for and Len's Mills is... just odd. A giant basement full of fabric and a top floor filled with Dollar Store-like items. Joann's always had a good mix of items.

6. Regular Discovery Channel - We get the Canadian version and it's not the same. For one... we are about 2 weeks behind in Deadliest Catch episodes. They don't run marathons either. Also, we didn't get the Billy Mays show called Pitchmen. Thankfully I got to watch it in Virginia.

7. Italian Delis - I have not found a true Italian deli where we live and I miss a good turkey sandwich. There is a polish bakery close to us that sells sandwiches but they just started selling them and they don't have specific sandwiches you can pick from. When you ask for a sandwich they first offer you a hot beef sandwich called a Portuguese Bifana. Uhm, no.

8. Disneyland - There is nothing like Disneyland near us and I miss it so much. The closest theme park is called Canada's Wonderland... but it's more like a Six Flags Theme Park and Ian and I don't really do rollercoasters.

9. KTLA or KABC News - I miss the standard 2 anchor nightly television news. I'm sure there is a channel with this format but I haven't been able to find it.

10. Gas pump nozzles that have a stay-on lever - I didn't know what to call it but the thing that allows you to pump gas but walk away and clean the windshield or something. Every station I go to here does not have them. Some have the lever but not the notch that allows you to keep it on. Sometimes I just want to walk away and wipe off my windshield or get back in the car when it's freezing out. It's a little thing but I do miss it.

Anyway, this is a short list and I have a lot more that I miss but I like it here. I'll probably do an updated "Weird Stuff about Canada" post. There's a lot of weird stuff going on!


Kamber said...

I miss 1. Mom 2. Nyla, Scottie, Possum 3. Cho Cho San 4. Disneyland

Anonymous said...

I miss my girls and the Coop.

Emily said...

salad land.....No

Amanda Rae said...

If I were to ever move somewhere else the first thing i would do is go to the "store locator" on the target website, if there wasn't one within 10 miles i wouldn't move there. And seriously no gas lever thingy?! What a waste of 5 minutes standing there holding it yourself!!

Megan said...

Things I miss about Brittany not sitting across from me:

1. Not being able to roll my eyes at her neighbor and she understand.
2. Talking about our BF's and the silly things they do
3. Hearing about her BF and the silly things he does :)
4. Seeing her rubber ducky collection
5. Getting to be the first (by default) to see her spaz out over a new wedding idea/component
6. Getting to know my new friend :)

Hang in there, you'll get used to the way it is there, and you can come back and shop at our Target anytime!