Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cooper's Birthday And Other Stuff

Ian and I are enjoying a nice Sunday at home. Football is back. YAY. So we've got a long line of games to watch and a double-header for the Red Sox. Unfortunately, Ian has to work but he can sit out on the couch with me and work on his laptop.

We have decided that we never should have gone into work on Friday. We should have just stayed in Virginia longer and come back this weekend. Why? Well... mutiple reasons. Friday was pretty bad at work for both of us. We have jobs that actually really need us to be there. Ian has spent most of the weekend working. I worked a bit yesterday to catch up... It's hard for us to go on vacation and not have things blow up at work. The good news for me is that a person at work that wasn't very nice to me has decided to quit as predicted. The days leading up to her departure are going to be hard but I think in the long run it will be a good thing.

My Mom and Erik's trip up to see where I live went good. They met Ian's parents for the first time so that was interesting. Why Erik and Duncan brought shotguns to dinner I have no idea... but it ended peacefully. I'm still waiting on slacker Erik to give me pictures from the trip. When I get them I will certainly post again.

The wedding plans are going well. We are going to start looking for plane tickets soon - 2 for us out to Seattle and 1 for Amanda to come out here and take pretty pictures. I'm especially looking forward to her photoshop skillz. =P I have only a few more items to get/make/do. My sister has been gracious enough to be my PO Box since shipping to Canada can be difficult. We are about 4 months away... getting pretty close!

Other than that... life continues. I'm still plugging away at We Cheer before the sequel comes out. I'm stuck on a couple of the hard ones. Ian and I have just a FEW birthdays coming up:

  • September 17th - Erik
  • September 18th - Mom
  • September 23rd - Maureen (Ian's Mom)
  • October 4th - Drew (Ian's brother)
  • October 13th - MINE =D

The best birthday of all just passed. Cooper seemed to love the cake once he realized it was food!

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