Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Today was one of the first spring days that it was actually warm and sunny. I normally shy away from the sun but it was pretty nice out. We got Ian's hair cut and then headed to Fireside Restaurant. Ian used to go there for breakfast when he was in college... It is a nice/cheapish breakfast place. I am definitely going to take my family there when they come here in December. We went to The House to take the daily picture. And finally went all the way into Toronto or as "into Toronto" as I can stomach.

Back in January, my company had a week long meeting in the city. They celebrated the 20th anniversary of Amgen in Canada and gave out some gifts from Tiffany. I got the Mini Bean Necklace. It really wasn't something I would wear. So I exchanged it for this - Tiffany Blue Box. I'm probably going to use it to store my wedding rings when I clean... and I think it would look pretty good on my nightstand.

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