Sunday, July 17, 2011

Almost Done Packing

It's amazing how much crap you have... Only until you have to pack it up and take it somewhere do you realize it. I've been pretty good about tossing out the unwanted items. This is where I started...

And this is where I'm at... Ian has been the "Hunter Gather". He spends 20 minutes pulling "stuff" out of every nook and cranny around here. Then I box it all up. It's a pretty good system because I can group it into logical sets and log it into the spreadsheet.

Only 9 days left to go!!


Kamber said...

You guys have a lot of stuff! Paper boxes are the best too!

Shannon said...

So this gets fun too... unpacking.... and realizing what crap you dont unpack.... ever.... hah- no seriously, we have boxes that haven't opened up yet since the move