Monday, July 18, 2011

Canadian Adventure: Day 4

This was the BEST day. This was the day that I saw a Moose! :)

This is a Cow Moose - aka a female moose. She was beautiful! It was so cool to see a moose in person. They are so big and odd looking. We stopped to look at a wild turkey that was at the side of the road... And I joked about how while we are watching this turkey there is a moose behind us. We drove a little up the road and there was one!

After awhile, more cars and people started to show up. She got nervous and trotted back into the forest. It was amazing though...

We headed to the next hike - Beaver Pond Trail (Rated: MODERATE). This one was great because we saw some turtles and a beaver munching on some lily pads!

We went to the Visitor's Information Center again and this is the view from there:

One of my favorite spots was Canoe Lake. I would like to go back for sure. We just sat on the dock and had an ice cream. Also, we watched a family try out canoeing for the first time. They slammed into the dock two or three times and we left after they hit the shore line for the second time. (It was hysterical!)

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