Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Home Depot

We just bought a house. We're certainly not alone in this type of purchase. When you buy a new home or, more specifically, your first home... You need lots of "stuff". Hoses, screws, flashlights, stain, general "tools", trash cans, etc. The list is endless. Ian and I found ourselves wandering around your store quite a few times. We would walk up and down the aisles... Looking up for a sign or something to help to us... usually with our mouths open... This is rhetorical question because I can know the answer... but why is it that you make your stores so damn confusing? Answer: Because the more you wander around the higher the chance you are going to find something else to buy in addition to your original purchase.

It would be super helpful if you could make your signs easier to read and a little more detailed. Or have customer service people wandering every aisle looking for us lost souls. Maybe design an app that contains guides to each store. SOMETHING. I think we are one of the millions of couples... fresh off of buying a new house... who are looking for the damn air filter aisle (insert other applicable section)... that just want to go home and not be lost in your stores.


Two Very Tired Home Depot Shoppers

P.S. I used "damn" twice in this post. My apologies. I'm as I said... very tired. =P

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Megan said...

We've been building our supply of such goods for almost 10 years now, and I'm still just as lost everytime I walk into that stupid place. I don't know if you have Osh there. It's smaller than Home Depot. I go there first everytime, and only if they don't have it do I bother with HD! ICK!