Monday, August 22, 2011

State of Our Union - August Edition

The last time I did one of these... I started off with "where has the time gone?" This time I exactly know the answer to that. It has gone into purchasing, building, designing, moving into and living in this house. It's been quite the undertaking. I think I'm still a little shell-shocked. Not to brag or anything... but our house is pretty friggin awesome. =P

I have a whole laundry list of stuff that I have to do... (including laundry!) The time is filled pretty quickly. We are 99% unpacked. That remaining 1% consists of Christmas decorations and a single box of "stuff" that is slowly sucking away my soul. It's the kind of "stuff" you know you have to keep... but you have no clue where to put any of it. (Don't tell Ian... but I think in another day or so I am going to opt for that black hole abyss we call the basement.)

After a chat with my mom, I had a new item tacked to the top of my list... A full house video. I will probably end up with a couple videos of each floor. I need to ship away Cooper's 3rd Birthday present and be sad about it. This will be the first birthday that I miss. I am completely conflicted about it. I love that little bugger to death. But since I've lived in Canada I've never spent a Labor Day here. Not that Labor Day is some big holiday where glitter falls from the sky or anything... But it would be nice to have some time off to enjoy The House knowing that we aren't coming back to a big workload - everyone else will have it off too. There is a fair that weekend as well. And last but most importantly... buying and setting up this house has cost a pretty penny - airfare is costing about an arm, a leg and your first born these days... It's not easy. I really wish my mom and sister lived closer. It just plain ol' sucks. HOWEVER, I am counting down the days until they get here in December. I really can't wait. They've hosted me in their houses countless times. I can't wait to host them. Ian and I are really looking forward to it. Hopefully the weather is nice and gives them a taste of what a real Canadian winter is like - last year was practically a tropical heat wave.

The biggest news came today... We have a lawn! We were lucky enough to be the first one (I think... I haven't checked out the rest of the neighborhood...) to get pretty much a full lawn. A small section to the right of our house is missing. It is so awesome. The green really goes with our house.......... lol. :)

That is all for now... as I write this... Ian is wandering outside with a flashlight moving sprinklers around. I better go supervise.

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