Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blinds & Guest Bedrooms

I finally finished decorating the Guest Bedroom and take pictures. I know the request was just for blinds but I wanted it to look perfect.

This is the formal Guest Bedroom. It has a Queen size bed in it and that's pretty much all it can fit. Eventually we will be getting some night stands... but it is going to stay pretty simple.


This is what we call the Front Bedroom. It has an air mattress in it right now in preparation for my family's visit in two weeks. Eventually it will be a kid's bedroom... so ignore the plain walls. =P


Master Bedroom.. self explanatory...


This is the Ensuite. I really love how the shutters turned out. The bathroom is supposed have a bit of a Cape Cod feel to it. That's why I went with the traditional style of shutters. You'll see near the taps there are a couple lanterns... and the pictures up on the wall are from our Algonquin Trip. We plan to put up 2 white shelves on the right hand wall. After that.. this room will be complete.


Same picture but portrait.. this way you can see the paneling at the bottom of the tub.


Overall, I love how the blinds turned out especially with the white "tapes". I never liked see the strings on blinds. Totally worth it... plus I was getting mighty tired of the paper blinds or the towel curtains. (Remember that you can click on the pictures and see a large slideshow)

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It looks really nice!