Sunday, November 13, 2011

Missed Deadline

I can explain why you're not looking at blinds. I got busy...... sort of. Ian and I spent the weekend shopping, cleaning, organizing and preparing. My family arrives in 20 days. The guest bedrooms are so close to being ready. I'm 99% done with my Christmas shopping. Ian won't leave one of Max's gifts alone. He starts playing with it, gives me this mischievous look and then runs away with it.

The last couple weeks have been... meh for me. I don't want to dive into why... but it was completely ridiculous. So, in an effort to get back to where I was, I'm taking a Mental Health Day this week. On Friday, I am getting a massage in the morning, wrapping Christmas presents and getting my hair done in the afternoon. I think it's my attempt at hitting the reset button on my mood.

In summary... I am sorry for the missing pictures of blinds. They do look great... but being the perfectionist I am.. I want the rooms to be perfect before I show them off. Most likely I will get to it tomorrow. Promise.

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