Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Landscaping Day 15: So Close!

There was lots of progress made yesterday! For the first time, we could get a clear picture of what the finished product will look like. We're very happy minus the threat of a lawsuit. It starting to feel worth all the crap. :] Here's what is left to do.

They've enclosed the patio except the section of lattice work that needs to be popped in. The waterfall's liner needs to be cut and finished off in stone. The patio edge next to the waterfall needs to have the filler stuff put in as well. The extra pieces of flagstone have really confused us... I don't think it's "done" in a sense of layout/flow. I love the direction it is going though.

Looking towards the back left corner. They've put the cedar posts in and one post of wrought iron. We noticed the safety cones and giant rock next to it. Putting two and two together... They must have been digging down for a post and run into it. There is a big hole where the safety cones are, covered with rebar and wood. I suspect today will focus on filling the hole in and continuing on.

Looking back towards the house... When the neighbour behind us put up his deck, our backyard felt very small. We were expecting this because we live in a new subdivision. It helps to have a corner lot but I thought the backyard would feel tiny and closed in. I am happy with the landscaping we chose because it feel so big now. The patio is huge and there will be space for a "lounge" area and a dining area. The wrought iron of the fence will hopefully make it feel open but with privacy.

The absolute best part... Ian and I were eating in the dinette. I was running the waterfall and I turned to look back at it. A bunch of birds flew out of it and up onto the fence. A couple of them flew back down and stood on the flagstone with the water running over their feet. Ladies and gentlemen... we have a giant bird bath. Awesome. :>

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