Thursday, August 30, 2012

Landscaping Day 16: Front Yard Time

Yesterday the landscapers started on the front yard. Unfortunately so did the next door neighbours. ><

Starting on the outside fence...

View of the side where a gate will go.

View of the wrought iron. I love it!

Front yard work! The tree has been moved and raised. There will be daylillies around it. The corner will be filled with river rock and grasses. :]

Sad part... the neighbour next door started working on the stuff between our houses. I thought that it would be river rock on either side of a single strip of mulch. Instead.. well.. yeah...

I've had enough trouble with neighbours... I think Ian and I are going to give them this one. When the grasses go in you probably won't notice the striping...... /sigh Blegh.

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