Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Landscaping Day 19: What 99% Looks Like

We got word today that our landscapers should be wrapped up by tomorrow. They laid out a selection of mulch for us to choose from. They will do that and tie up any loose ends. 

The dark side of the picture to the left is a line of boxwoods. On the right up against the fence is some hydrangeas. In the back corner there are dogwoods and hostas. Near the wrought iron is a few grasses. 

View of the side yard. Boxwoods up against the house. This section is very wet from yesterday because water drains through here. We are going to put in a rain barrel next to the faucet this weekend.

View of the outer side yard. Grass was put in and they added Astilbe Visions in Red near the trees. The Astilbe looks to be the wrong color - it should be red but the plumes seems to fuschia pink. The landscaper is going to check on it.

Front yard is done as well. They put grasses in the river rock and Chicago Apache Daylillies around the tree. (Our little tree looks so puny compared to the new trees!)

Another view of the house. Now it's just a lot of watering and cleaning. This weekend we're going to sweep off the patio and clean the dirt away from the windows and screens. The waterfall started to have an algae issue because it hadn't been run in a couple days. I think I'll look into a treatment for it in case it gets worse. For now we can just squirt off the rocks and it should be fine.

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