Saturday, November 24, 2012

Puerto Rico?

Last Wednesday there was a town hall meeting at work. I had some stuff to do so I called and watched the presentation remotely. The head of our site talked about the global financial results and skipped over the Canadian year to date financial results. But at the end of the presentation he told a story about setting a really high goal and that we hit the mark and deserved a reward. 

Then he played this video and the screaming ensued. Twice a year the entire company comes together for a Semester Meeting - once in the middle of winter and another at the end of the summer. They are usually painful experiences in downtown Toronto... full of meetings, bad food, bed bugs (!), and lots of people. You're locked in rooms with no windows for 8+ hours a day. It's not fun and extremely exhausting. This upcoming Semester Meeting should be much more pleasant. :)

Puerto Rico!? Since it's not the kind of place that Ian and I would take a vacation, it's crazy to think that I will be headed there in 2 months! 4-5 days (somewhere in the range of January 28 - February 2). I heard that they are mandating a limit of no more than 15 total hours spent in meetings. Whatever ends up happening.. I think we are all extremely aware that this kind of reward is not common these days. Estoy muy agradecido y voy a disfrutar de cada minuto. 

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