Sunday, November 25, 2012

This Old Hot Springs

When Ian and I first moved to Cambridge, I had a lot of questions about this building at King and Fountain. It's this really neat looking structure that obviously had a coat of paint thrown on it a few years ago... but otherwise has been left to collect dust. Apparently, it was originally a hotel built in 1890 over natural sulphur hot springs. Since then it passed through a few hands, bought by one company who started the restoration, only to have it almost burn down and no activity since then.

The hair stylist that I used to go to said that her salon's owner was looking to buy the building and turn it back into a spa. It would be nice if they restored it in the same style that it was built in.

Landmark Preston Springs building in market for new owner:
A blue-and-white For Sale sign went up on the front balcony of the historic Preston Springs building on Thursday.

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