Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh The Sweat

21 Days In.

11.4 lbs Lost.

2,000,000 Gallons of Sweat.

Some days I feel like my progress is great. Other days I feel like I'm chipping pebbles off a mountain. I weigh-in on Wednesdays and Sundays. Getting to each of those days has been difficult because I'm just excited to see a new number each time. I patiently waited for Sunday to roll around and then I stepped on the scale. I had only lost 0.6. I want to slap myself for saying ONLY. It was 3 days since my last weigh-in and I lost that much. That's great! Considering my calories are set up to lose a safe pound a week. But for whatever reason it was disheartening. I know it takes hard work, self control and time. I'm just ready to see lower numbers. I was so irritable all day because Sundays are usually my 'grazing' day. Like a cow, I spent the whole day munching on different foods. I got irritable because I didn't allow myself to do that. Part of me was almost giving into temptation and giving up the fight. I was trying to give myself a reason to graze. "What's the point? You only lost 0.6 since the last weigh-in." Ridiculous nonsense.

So, I broke my rule of only weighing in on those specific days (self control is clearly not a strong suit of mine). I stepped on the scale this morning and I had lost another 0.6 - at this point I felt shame. Shame for being doubtful... Shame for almost giving in to temptation on Sunday... Shame in not believing in the process. I didn't mark this weight down in MFP. I don't want to go by the scale every single day. I want to mark down the little things that I see change. I'm sticking to only Wednesdays and Sundays.

The little things I see changing? My rings slip easily on and off most of my fingers. I feel weird not drinking a lot of water each day. My pants that are normally really tight.. feel a little looser. Little things. Big difference.

On a random note... I really wish everyone on MyFitnessPal wore a Polar H7 and tracked their calories that way... Reading that someone walked at a 2.5 mph, leisurely pace for 20 minutes and burned 450 calories is really hard to believe. No matter what weight you are. MFP is incredibly generous with calorie burn. 

Brittany Upgraded By The Numbers 
Starting Weight: 308.2 
Starting BMI: 48.3
Current Weight: 297.2 (based on official weigh-in days)
Current BMI: 46.4
Goal Weight: 160 (? I should probably be more sure about this number)

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Amanda Richter Goddard said...

Wonderful post! I often feel this discouragement as well. I have been working at this for a year and feel completely disheartened that I have only lost 20 lbs and 2 dress sizes.. uhh what?! Seems like nothing however.. I can run a full 5 kms and before couldnt run a minute. And Im not here to do it over night.. which is the hardest thing EVER to tell yourself!

I never eat back my "burnt off calories" on MFP because I am pretty sure it is completely off basis. I also refuse to only eat 1200 calories and starve my body. So unhealthy. So its hard to look at other peoples diaries and be motivated some days!

However, you and the rest of the friends on MFP are motivating. Keep on going.. we are only 21 days into this wonderful year and your going to look back at this post.. read your weights and think " there is NO way I was once there"

Good luck!