Tuesday, January 8, 2013


A person I'm friends with on MFP posted something about cognitive behaviors. How they can affect your whole life... how they can help or hurt you without you even knowing it. I found this to be true because I know exactly what I would say to myself or not say to myself to make me eat more than I should.. or eat things that I shouldn't... or not eat at all. There were some "homework" at the end of it. Here it is:

  • Write down and read your motivations for losing weight daily, or even more often!
  • Give yourself credit for the right things you do to manage your weight - no matter how small. Write them down, review daily, and celebrate your successes!!! 
  • Learn the ways you distort your thinking and practice changing those negative and unhelpful beliefs to more realistic and helpful thoughts. Be patient - all new skill take time to develop. 
  • Practice, Practice, Practice the good thinking you have learned and soon, it will just be the way you think!
I'm going to try to complete some of this. First starting with motivations.

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