Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Full Bloom

Our vacation was so great... but we were really excited to come back and see what our plants were doing. The pictures do not capture how much everything grew while we were away. Unfortunately, the dead part of the tree didn't miraculously come back to life. The Boston Ivy is really starting to grow and has begun gripping to the fence. The boxwoods looked COMPLETELY different. Bushy. Shaggy. It was so weird. 

We carted back with us some expensive but really high quality patio furniture covers. The chairs are so wide that we couldn't find any single chair covers that would fit. Instead, we bought two sofa covers and slightly pushed the chairs together when they are covered. I think they look pretty nice! 

One of the Boston Ivy plants. They have little red grippers starting to go for the fence. Yay!

View of the yard. Like I said.. most people wouldn't notice... but it has exploded in green! 

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