Friday, March 6, 2015

Christmas Recap

[Still not too late to talk about Christmas right?] The picture above was our Christmas card. It took about 5 million pictures to get 1 that looked okay to use. I think it turned out nice.. but man, is it hard to capture a moving target on camera! Below is a slideshow of everything we tried. The moose was going to be a last resort.

Before my family arrived, we got the decor ready. We put Emma in her snowsuit for the first time since it was so cold out! She was less than impressed. 

But she looked pretty cozy in her car seat!

We put her in the snowsuit because we usually spend an hour walking around the nursery looking for a tree. We spent all of 5 minutes picking it out this year. :| She was a little freaked out when we loaded it up.

She's okay! :)

Back at home, Ian worked on getting the lights up...

Emma seemed to enjoy the tree. Thankfully for most of the time it was up, she seemed slightly scared of it. :)

I made this cool video using the Kringle app. Santa visit our house!!

On Christmas Day, Emma was little more interested in it...

...but also a little tired. :)

Ian and Em got to work on their stockings.

By far, the cutest thing was her inspecting her big gift. Adorable!

Later that day, Pops turned Emma into a present. :P

Emma enjoyed her gift from Pops and Mamie - an Elephant Car! :)

She then "helped" Pops put together his new popcorn machine.

Here's Ian and Emma hanging out during the Matheson Family Christmas Party.

We got to meet Ian's Cousin's new baby, Noah. Emma had a knack for making him cry. :P

Christmas 2014 was a wonderful time. We got a ton of gifts - almost all of them games. :D I got to spend time with my family which I am always super thankful for. We visited with Ian's extended family. It was really nice. Christmas is different when you have kids... but just seeing Emma light up looking into the bag makes me realize how much fun the future will be! 

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