Monday, April 18, 2016

G-Ma Goes East - Day 1

It's day one and TRAVELINGWITHANIMALSISHARRRRRRRRRRRRRD. Okay... that's out of the way... :) I think, as we head further east it will get easier. For one, it's going to get cooler. We can't leave any of the animals in the car for very long because it is so hot. Tomorrow will be a big shock as it is 30 degrees in Colorado with rain and snow. We also hope that the animals will get used to traveling and it won't be so chaotic. Towards the end, Silo actually wanted to get back in the car after going for a walk. 

The drive was mostly uneventful as it is all desert views... the only crazy part was a portion of Arizona. The road looked as if we were heading directly into a mountain. These two pictures do not even come close to how it felt to drive through the canyon. Apparently it is the Virgin River Gorge. Interesting side note - G-Ma's already seen this part! She drove up with Erik to Park City for a wedding. :) 

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