Tuesday, April 19, 2016

G-Ma Goes East - Day 2

We are marching on... I think we are getting the hang of traveling with animals and the animals are getting the hang of traveling with us! We're pretty efficient during our 3-4 pit stops. Everyone is alive. Bonus points. :P 

I said this in the last post... but pictures do not do justice to the size of these mountains. Sometimes we are surrounded by truly massive rock formations. Very pretty.

By far the scariest part was this tunnel. Apparently it is called the Eisenhower Tunnel... and it is the longest tunnel and at the highest point on the Interstate System. At 1.697 miles, it is about 1.696 miles too long. It seemed to go on FOREVER. Scary.

Vail was really pretty even with the light dusting of snow on the ground.

We're currently in Silverthorne, Colorado at 9,035 feet and man, am I feeling it! My heart has been a little less than racing since we got here. Yes, I have been moving around, handling luggage etc... but even sitting here relaxing my heart is 109 - thank you FitBit. 

The view from the hotel room is pretty nice... if it wasn't snowing! 

Tomorrow we head to Junction City, Kansas :| 541 miles, 7 hours and 37 minutes minus stops.

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