Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Garden Lighting: Yes/No?

When the backyard was first completed and our patio furniture was set up, I sat outside at night and thought that some lighting out in the yard would be nice. Most lights that I could find looked cheap and I couldn't bring myself to buy them. But there was a set from Costco that I liked and they recently came back in stock. Ian was always on the fence about any garden lights so it was mainly me driving it. I put them in the ground a couple weeks ago and am still adjusting to the change. I think because Canada wants to just skip over spring and the plants haven't filled out yet, the lights look out of place. Maybe when dogwoods and bushes come back it won't be so... stark? They give off a pretty natural light instead of the typical blue solar light. It's growing on me. This is a bad angle picture... they are pretty evenly spaced out.

...and a close up of them. Yes/No? I'll try to get a daytime picture at some point.

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